Stealth Social Hub

StealthSlideGoing from startup to scalable company is a daunting task for many young companies.  ShadyLogic was brought in to ensure that not only the product could scale to millions of users, but that their business could as well.

To get this stealth social hub on the right track we helped them evolve their product and their team.

Cross Discipline:

We interviewed and evaluated teams in production, design and technology identifying what was working and what wasn’t.  This allowed us to identify gaps and provide a clear set of personnel training and hiring targets.

Across the board we worked with CEO and team members to engender ownership and responsibility for the product and production goals.   Each team member contributed to a new workflow that we codified in shared production tools to provide real time tracking and communication.


While an alpha version of the product was operational, it lacked stickiness.  We helped onboard a new designer to help gamify the product.  Working with the designer we went back to the user needs and cognitive models to re-envision the product to not only meet their needs, but be fun!

We then helped merge this rebooted vision with the current product to provide a plan to execute the new features in the existing product.


Like many startups the alpha version of the product may look nice, but underneath it may have a host of issues.  In this case we helped the team not only identify the architectural issues, but also update their development process and how they worked with production.

Like many Ruby on Rails apps it is important to not only look at the key bottlenecks, but do through scalability testing to get real numbers.  To get an application to scale you have to break it till you hit the peak numbers that will support not only your typical numbers, but also viral marketing.

It is also important to factor in process issues and technical debt that accumulates during development.  If code is not maintainable it will slow down the development process and make it hard to refactor to fix bugs and add features.