The market changing success of the SkyLanders franchise highlights Activision’s ability to take on new challenges and risk.  They mange that risk by bringing in the best talent from across the globe.

Activision brought in ShadyLogic for our keen understanding of the Design and Technology challenges of toys and kids online worlds.


For SkyLanders Universe we worked with Activision teams to design from a blank slate.  We helped fashion a behavior driven design that took advantage of social constructs to compliment and extend the console based games.

Due Diligence:

To build SkyLanders Universe we sourced the best development partners. Through due diligence we ensured that not only were they the right partner, but that Activision got the best talent on the project.


Connecting the dots in SkyLanders Universe involved deigning a scalable architecture that securely bridged consoles, toys and Activision’s complex online infrastructure.

We worked with numerous teams needed to make SkyLanders to ensure the integration, scalability and security of the toys, game, and services.  Crucial to this was our design for a secure toy/game code system for registering and interactive with toys across all games.